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Achievement: Wayfarer foothils explorer is bugged

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Hi all, i've encountered a bug with this achievement in which the Point of Interest: Alpenzure Cave didn't register and make me unable to complete the achievement (and, in turn, the "tutorial mastery" achievement). I'm inside the cave, the POI marker shows as "visited" on the map, but not in the achievement. I've tried to contact support in game/ticket (7660343), but the short-answer basically was "You're screwed, can't do anything, go open a bug report". I can't believe that a core subsystem issue should force you to delete a character and start again.Did anyone else had a similar issue?

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I did Wayfare last night on an Necro lvl 80 alt with no probs.If you can't get it with that character don't worry, you can always roll another and try.Edit : Just went to Alpenzure Cave with my 72 Warrior and got it.Might sound silly but it you go right to the back of the cave?

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The problem is simple:That Poi is part of the Norn Personal Story. If you got it in story instance, it won't be recognized.Same happens in other starter maps.

So you gotta grab them in Open World, not story instance.

I know, quite a weird oversight and annoying to say the least.Explain that to real new player lol.

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