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Simpe Question about GW2 Multi-Threading

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Hey everyone,Since game doesnt like and not using multi-threading, is it better turning off Threading Optimziation(Allowing applications to take advantage of multiple Cpus.) from Nvidia Control Pannel? If you have Nvidia card you can read the description of Threading Optimization. It basicly saying this should be turned off if you are using old applications.

I just wonder your thoughts.

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The game does 100% use more than one thread, the idea the game is not multi threaded is not correct. This comes about because the rendering thread is single threaded, some threads can not be parallelized, or cost significant overhead to implement. By forcing a game like GW2 to run on a single thread would hurt performance, as all of the other work being done on other threads would then be forced to run on the same thread as the already limited rendering thread.

Now, some special cases might exist, where you have a thermally limited CPU that is 4+ cores with HT, turning off HT in some cases will allow the physical cores to clock higher and can result in better FPS.

Threading Optimization however does have some games it is buggy on, which is why you will see some people online turning this off for given games, however I have never heard of any issues with GW2.

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The limitation on this game is the dx9 portion, not the game itself overall. Some things are inherently singlethreaded if they rely on something else to finish first.

Threaded optimization works fine in GW2 for Nvidia GPUs, basically it uses commandlists to multithread the rendering.

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I just came across this topic, trying to figure out why my system is running at about 25% CPU and 50% GPU, yet the game does not even reach 60FPS.

To me, this seems to indicate - which the performance graph of taskmanager supports - the game does not utilize multiple CPU threads.
I have an 8-core and only 1 of 16 threads is running at about 80%. The rest is perfectly idle.
This would also explain why character model limit so drastically impacts the performance.

This is with the DX11 beta function enabled.

My specs:
CPU: Ryzen 7 1700x @ 3.4GHz
GPU: GTX 1080 @ 1.4GHz
RAM: 16GB 3200MHz
Running off an M.2 SSD.

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It's held back by a main thread even on DX11 , DX11 is not a magic panacea to solve all threading problems especially if it isn't a full engine redesign. If your Ryzen CPU is not boosting when under low load it would be problematic so make sure you are set to high performance power plan and such.


^ You will notice the main thread is calling render threads.

The options that most affect performance are model limit and shadows/reflections which were made before RTX existed or any ray tracing solutions, those are all CPU bound.

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