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LF guild for raids/fract/strikes - 1 day a week (EU)

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Hello guys,

I'm looking for a guild to join for doing raids and other pve end game stuff.I have a little experience in raids, I know W1 and W4 pretty well, and have around 50li (all gained in these two w)I usually do daily fractals t4+recs, and I did only one CM (99) just once.I did some strikes run.

My main class is Ele, I usually play pdps weaver or heal tempest, I have full ascended for both of these roles.I have also a guardian with full asc for HFB and pdps, and exotic/asc (50-50) for condi.I have also a full asc heal druid (harrier) but it's been a while since last time I played it.

My biggest problem is time. I play quite often during the afternoons, every other day, but I usually focus on daily fractals or sPvP (my main game mode) and ATs with my guild, but I'd really like to dedicate one evening a week for a static raid or something similar.I have discord, I can speak fluent English, and have mic. I live in central Europe, UTC+2

Let me know if someone guild is looking for a +1 :D

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