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Are legendary weapon stats the same as ascended?

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Example : Zojja’s Reaver and frostfangPrefix : Berserker’s

If I acquire Frostfang, and apply berserker, will my stats be the same as Zojja’s Reaver? If not, how does one apply specific stats from one item to a legendary if possible?

  • I know I can use transmutation to just apply frost fang to Zojja’s reaver, but trying to get two vision crystals is the problem (I need laurels from Chest of Loyalty for other ascended gear)

Thank you.

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Zojja's is basically Bersker Stats.So when you set Frostfang to Berserker, yes the stats are exactly the same.

The benefit of legendaries, aside from what Randulf already mentioned is the ability to switch out upgrades and infusions on the go without an extractor.

Simple example (since I have frostfang and this is a situation that does occure)

I run Superior Sigil of Bloodlust on it, but when going into an instance with a single boss, you obviously don't build bloodlust stacks.So I simply switch it out for Superior Sigil of Force real quick.

You can do that any time you're not in combat.

As for transmuting, that is purely visuals, purely for the looks.The weird thing is, the weapon appears to become legendary (color changes from pink to purple) but only takes on the looks.

As for the vision crystals: You can craft those.5 Dragonite Ingots5 Empyreal Stars1 Augur's stone5 Bloodstone Bricks

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Is Silverwastes still the best farm for empyreal fragments? I also need three lesser vision crystals... which I was going to craft those with empyreal fragment/stars. I have already completed both exotic attire and regalia for those lesser vision crystal rewards. My next option besides farming empyreal fragments was to get princess, but I figured the odds were really low to roll empyreal fragments or just wait for the next 28 day reward login (really need the laurels though).

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eh, you get emypreal basically everywhere. Just do any lw3/4 map, open chests, harvest map currency nodes - and those things drop on you in insane numbers. Really. Sooner than later you will either feed them to converters or just throw them away (like obsidian shards - at some point you really need them - and a bit later, you still need them, but you get so much more that you just start destroying them).

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Silverwastes is okish. If I really needed empyreals, I did Bitterfrost, the chests drop plenty, Ember Bay, you get them from petrified wood nodes, the waterlogged chests in Siren's Landing can drop up to 15, I think (also Siren's Landing is great, if you need ascended backpacks - for karma),

there are so many chests and nodes which drop empyreal... just look here:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Empyreal_Fragment

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