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Merging Ascalonian Catacombs Explorable


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As the ingame bug report doesn't have enough text space, I'm going to put this report here.Merging Ascalonian Catacombs involves getting to the Priory Camp. Then you must select Tzark's path(path 3), and then get Hodgins and Detha killed.To do this, you go underneath the stairwell and trigger the ghost event, and lure them all the way back up to the camp, and stand by Hodgins and Detha to get them hit. Then they will engage the ghosts, and inevitably die. Once this has been accomplished, you revive Detha, and not Hodgins. Now Detha is following you.(Note that reducing the follow range of the ghosts will not fix this, as using pull, push, fear, launch, etc. tend to make them forget their aggro range.)Now that you have done this, you leave Hodgins dead for now and go through Tzark's path as normal. Once you reach the hallway with Warmaster Grast in there, you do the standard burrow event; however, partway through, Detha's event for building the Ghost Eater traps will trigger, since you reached that room and Detha is following you. Typically, you ignore it, complete the burrows, and THEN do Detha's event and fight the Ghost Eater. This gives credit for Detha's path(path 2), as you have killed the boss for that path, despite having chosen Tzark's path.Next, you have everyone wait in the next room(the one with Reliquary Waypoint), and you have one person waypoint to camp, revive Hodgins, and waypoint back. This causes Hodgins to teleport, as per the following AI, and because you have reached there with Hodgins, he triggers the flaming scepter fragment event. Then you go complete that event, and Hodgins will note the rumbling. This means you now have two events active; Explore the graveling tunnels(for Tzark), and Explore the graveling tunnels(for Hodgins). Once you have done this, you have everyone go past towards where the two are, except one person who must go backwards through the graveling tunnel to complete Hodgins's tunnel exploration, to trigger Howling King to spawn.Then, you have the one person regroup over there, and you pull Colossus Rumblus off to the side to fight him. Killing him gives credit for Tzark's path(as you have killed his boss and as such triggered the ending sequence). Then you do the same for Howling King, and you will get credit for Hodgins's path(as killing the Howling King triggers the ending sequence for that path).First of all, please do not do this, this is a bannable bug. I am leaving this here in hopes that the devs will be able to fix this.Secondly, only gain 'dungeon complete' rewards from killing Ghost Eater; the other two only give credit for Hobby Dungeon Explorer, Dungeon Frequenter, and/or daily dungeon rewards(namely, 35 silver and 80 Ascalonian Tears each).Thirdly, if you revive Hodgins early, when you get to the room right after Tzark's collectors, Hodgins starts an incomplete event chain and gets stuck, eliminating the possibility of completing his path.Fourth, this does not work with any path other than Tzark's. (For the devs' purposes if they need to reproduce this bug, again, please do not perform this, even though it is much more efficient than running each path individually. I know it's tempting. Please don't.)

(To the developers reading this; Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope I was a help. ^_^)

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