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Wash your Hands!

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@"kharmin.7683" said:I don't want real world problems invading my fantasy world gaming. Please, no.

Agreed. (For me) The beauty of an MMO is having a separate world, completely different from our own, if you want both to look alike you could "play RL" as well :P

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@"Frostfang.5109" said:An emote: Character coughs, rubs his nose, picks out a bottle, soaks his hands and washes them.

A character coughs into his/her elbows, picks up a bottle, soaks his/her hands and washes them. This emote is unstoppable and will last roughly as long as it takes to sing two "happy birthday" songs. Bonus points if we get a recording of our character drunkenly singing the "happy birthday" song, which players can use to create a happy birthday handwashing choir in lions arch.


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