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Start of Path of Fire: Getting Stuck in the First Instance Loading Screen

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Only just bought Path of FIre, very much looking forward to playing through it. Started the story all fine, dialogue works- go to the airship, agree to enter the instance (Sparking the Flame), and then my game freezes in the loading screen after about 30 seconds to a minute. I have tried to leave it (The game is very heavy to run for my PC normally, so I thought maybe it was just being slow) But after more than 30 minutes it was clear it wasn't going to recover. It only occurs in this particular loading screen, all others are fine, and I can't test this on another character. If anyone has any recommendations, it would be much appreciated!

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Does your pc meet the minimum game requirements for Path of Fire? These are different from the core game. The expansions simply ask more from your pc to run the game.

Other than that, try to lower your graphical settings if you do meet the minimum requirements of PoF. If this does not help check what error you get (if you get some crash report popup). In last case you could try contact support to see if they have some ideas (if your system meets the PoF requirements).

At that part your game freezes, you are sent to the expansion map which will need to load a lot of new assets and things and its assets are more graphically demanding.

If you have a port to friend and a friend with access to Amnoon, you could try if that works. It will not help you with getting into that story but it may load a variety of assets already and maybe speed up the loading if you try starting the story again right after. I don't know if the client saves loaded data of places you have been in before in some way.

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