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Impossible attunement for Weaver in Open World

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The first time I had this in general was when Bitterfrost Frontier came out funny thing it happened only there and so rarely it was impossible to replicate . A while a go I was in the silverwaste to farm stuff for my legendary weapon so I can't tell how long this is so but the bugs basically shows up all 2 to 5minutes now . I also see it now in Lions Arch.

Basically when you demount, change map , login, glide it can happened that you have this . Superhard to explain so picture : (I hope this works)e.g I'm in fire coming from wind then I have this:https://www.directupload.net/file/d/5783/8jqqoblp_png.htm

this is the other way around:https://www.directupload.net/file/d/5783/5ephdgzq_png.htm

And yes this isn't just a display bug all skills work as displayed so far I can tell . The problem with this is I can't swap then in the main direction means when I come from wind and go fire I can't go full fire any more with this I have to go back in the other direction back to wind . Basically it makes doing a rota impossible which can pretty annoying when you drop with the mount into enemies and everything stops working for sec until you realize what is going on.

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yea I have that too. they propably forgot to fix this. But I think it comes from the game thinking there can be only one attunement present, because of how ele used to work with single attunements. so game uses primary attunement while mounted instead of both.

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Still not fixed seems to happens less often I can also add this isn't tied to a specific map or weapon just to the open world strangely wvw, pvp, fractals all fine so far I can tell or better said:

  • fractals definitive no problem but there isn't any interaction like this expect loading screen
  • pvp the same but also it can't happens there this expect loading screen.
  • wvw I never run & mount as weaver there (???).

By the way if you swap the weapon as ele you get the same nonsense attunement with the other weapon set basically the server really says this is your attunement.

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