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Please change the click order of the backpack to custom, I'm going crazy

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Why change the location of this clickI have been used to it for many years, now I always click on the wrongThese operations waste me a lot of time every dayAbout switching roles, I am used to pressing EnterI entered the game, but entered the character I logged in last time,I hardly use the [show Rarity] function,But this connection is where I clicked beforesvymAiQ.jpg

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I thought it was off by default (meaning the compact option is right below deposit materials) and it only moved to the bottom if you manually enabled the change.

It used to drive me mad before this was added, every so often I'd accidentally click 'compact' and all my stuff would move into the top of the first bag so I'd have to stop what I was doing to put it back where it's supposed to be. Now if I mis-click I hit 'show rarity' which just needs 1 click to change back.

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