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Can we Please get the old Tome graphics and animations for Firebrand's tome mechanic?

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Howdy! First time poster, but I thought I'd start out by making a suggestion?

A few years ago, I made my first guardian. Skriiva Bookclaw. Lovely Charr lass (who I affectionately call a 'Charrdian'). I shoved her into the PVP lobby, the Mists, so that I could take a look (although I didn't play her in PVP because I wa sterrified of it at the time) at all the skills, elites and whatnot. So that I could know what to expect, maybe plan out my build. There were two elite skills that I immediately fell in love with. The Tome of Wrath, and the Tome of Courage. I absolutely loved that our weaponskills were completely replaced. But my favourite part ? The animations. They were absolutely beautiful. And with the books floating in front of the character and followign them, I thought to myself 'I could finally play a Charr that's a nerd! And RP her that way too!'

However, some time, later, I logged back in to find... the tome elite skills were missing. Completely gone. Come to find out later that they were done away with and replaced with... Uhm.. a signet and a shout, I think? I can't recall too clearly. I won't lie, this made my interest in my Charrdian take a tip. Where were her books? She's not as nerdy anymore! But I persisted and continued to level her, regardless.

Then, a few years passed.. Nothing...But then, Path of Fire! In a blaze of glory (pun intended), came the elite specialization known as the Firebrand! Known as a zealous lorekeeper that keeps its secrets and guards them with its life! And the mechanic, I just fell in love with. Even better! THREE TOMES! I won't lie; I giddy girly-squealed when I saw this. My nerd would return! She would come back in all her bookish delight!I delighted in playing her when the expansion released. I absolutely loved this new mechanic, but I found the graphics for equipping the tomes to be rather lackluster. To me, if they're constantly channeling the power of the tomes for such a while, why shouldn't they have the tomes out at all times, until all of the charges are completely used? ANet, could you please return us those delicious Tome animations to us? <3

TLDR; Does anyone else want the old Tome animations back? Or am I the only one? ANet, please? <3

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