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NA Semi-hardcore player LF WvW NA Guild (NA Eastern and NA Pacific)


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WvW is my main focus in the game, though I have dabbled in PvE and PvP. Was briefly in a "fight guild" before that was too drama-heavy, but I do enjoy fights and team-coordinated focus. Have joined in on discords and ts and found that I prefer a more exclusive run compared to running with an open tag. I also enjoy more of a sense of community with the team I'm running with instead of a disjointed "Okay, here's raid time. Okay, all done and we leave now" clock-in-clock-out mentality. I do not like toxicity and would prefer a guild that does not condone or allow such behavior. Friendly to serious learners to the gamemode is also a plus. A communal desire to learn to play better together is also what I look for in a guild.

About me: Most of my WvW time has been in roaming and scouting since, as of right now on my time in NSP, there are tags to follow but not quite to my preferences. I am a part of other guilds in WvW in NSP and still do intend to run with them, but not so much to the point that scheduling is going to be difficult. I am also currently an officer of one of these guilds so, compared to other guilds, I tend to prioritize engagement first with them. I don't consider myself to be a casual player, but I also do not consider myself to be a hardcore player either due to real-life time commitments (school, work) and in-game commitments (coordinating guild events). I do make it a point to try to make raid times as much as I can. I also don't mind hearing swearing and adult talk in comms from time to time, but if it's excessive I have a tendency to mute/block. It's no offense to anyone else and it's not personal, I just have a lower tolerance threshold for such things. However, if it's coming from the commander then I will likely find someone else to run with due to the necessity of hearing their callouts.

I intend to keep my main account on NSP but I currently have an alt that I intend to build up from scratch that's currently on FA and has a firebrand leveled, just need the gear set up. This FA account also has a free transfer, which is why I'm also open to other servers and their guilds if they will have me. I also have a tendency to be shy at first and then be really annoying once I warm up to people because I have a bad sense of self-deprecating humor. And using team chat to, y'know, chat.

TL;DR: Me semi-hardcore. Me has alt account open to join fight guild. Me run NA ET/PT. Me bring firebrand once me has gear. Me no like meanies in guild.

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Hey, if you're still looking for a WvW guild, I'm part of a guild called Might and Smarts [MAS] on Anvil Rock. We're a solid and experienced WvW-focused guild looking for friendly, 18+ competitive players who enjoy working as part of a coordinated fight team in a non-toxic, no drama guild. Our community of player friends has been in existence for 7 years. We offer training, support and opportunities for some serious fun. If you're interested, please check us out at https://mas4eva.enjin.com/ or reach out to Ashara#8159 or PRE#9350 on Discord.

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