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What Would a WvW Mount Look Like?

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@Sviel.7493 said:

@Andy.5981That Armoured Dolyak seems like a good design. But when you say it can drop supplies off at Citadels...did you mean keeps? It might be a bad idea to have hoards of supply that enemies can't possibly steal or destroy.

The idea would be that the Dolyak mount could pick up 15 supply from a camp then transport it to a Keep and if there was space drop it in the supply dump at that Keep.

So if Stonemist Castle had 100 supplies left of say 1000 and you picked up 15 from a camp, you could transport it and drop it to boost the supplies to 115. If Stonemist had 1000 of 1000 supplies, the 15 would remain on the Doly and could not be stockpiled.

The ability to pick up the supplies would be governed by spending World Experience Points

1st level mount would be able to carry 5 supply2nd level mount would be able to carry 10 supply3rd level mount would be able to carry 15 supply.

These supplies being run into keeps would be in addition to normal Dolyaks. Perhaps it would encourage players to actively engage people on mounts more rather than let them simply run past them.

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Instant dismount upon entering combat (equally for both parties), at the very least have CC affect them.Mounts require no combat properties in WvW at all, the mobility they offer is disruptive enough. And it really is a huge deal, people coming into and returning to fights has a massive impact, especially when the zerg/gank mentality is so big... Mounts have further put emphasis on quantity over quality in terms of players and their capability...Really not a fan of them in their current iteration.

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@Hyper Cutter.9376 said:

@DeceiverX.8361 said:Shares evades with the character.Has 500 health and dazes for 1s when dismounted.Movespeed is the same as OOC + Swiftness.

Skill 1: 15s AoE(5 target) swiftness (15s cooldown)Skill 2: 5s 1x stack of Stability (15s cooldown)

Everything else removed.Glorified swiftness bot like it should be to keep up with people. No BS outnumbered chasing or stomp cheese or a safe anti-burst mechanism for free 10k hp. Roaming/Havoc is actually doable without getting run over by a blob that can cross the map in half a minute.Dying and having to respawn means something.That's literally worthless and you know it.

Atleast it keeps old engagement balancing intact instead of making anything non-blob revolve around the damn thing.

Any upgrade is still an upgrade the game wasn't balanced around fundamentally.

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