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LF Medium Sized Guild

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I'm looking for a fairly active medium sized guild.

I've been playing on and off since about a year after release. I enjoy PVE and WVW. I'm looking to switch servers as my current one doesn't do too well. (I'd like to avoid a server that is too elitist as I'm more concerned with having fun.)

I have a couple of younger friends who are also trying to get into the game. One has yet to even start playing, so I'm looking for a group that is noob friendly who don't mind showing her the ropes when she decides that she'd like to try something out. Her boyfriend has a bit of experience and has expressed interest in Fractals. All of us have PoF & HoT.

I'm cool with a smaller guild so long as there's an active group of regulars, but I haven't enjoyed being in large guilds.

Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk.

Edit: We're on the NA servers.

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A bit about us:We're just looking for active people who want to play everything GW2 has to offer. Laid back in almost every aspect. We have plans to put together a 10 person WvW/GvG group, also have plans for daily dungeon running/raid groups. [GoPK] Guild of the Primeval Kings is a new guild made up of a few old players from launch of the base game. We used to be in an old WvW guild named Feelings Aren't Required[FEAR]. We need officers who are experienced in PvE/WvW/sPvP. Must be able to show knowledge of basic META builds. So if you're interested, shoot me a message on here or message us in game. DonFoe.9604 or LostBalloon.6423Additionnal info: We have a guild hall & a discord is available.

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Hey Irony, I'm not sure if you're still looking for a guild at this point. But, if you're interested in a WvW guild, I'm part of a guild called Might and Smarts [MAS] on Anvil Rock. We're a solid and experienced WvW-focused guild looking for friendly, 18+ competitive players who enjoy working as part of a coordinated fight team in a non-toxic, no drama guild. Our community of player friends has been in existence as a WvW-focused group for 7 years. We offer training, support and opportunities for some serious fun. If you're interested, please check us out at https://discord.gg/thYFd9k.

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