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Swedish people, gather! Enough of us around to create a community guild?


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I'm not sure if you're allowed to write these posts in any other language than English so i'll stick with this, but this post obviously only concerns people who speak and understand Swedish!So, during the last couple of days I've seen the every odd Swedish player running around the game and been thinking that'd it would be nice to have a guild for us all who just wanna have some Swedes to chit chat with while doing whatever content interests us. I don't have a goal as of yet to create a Swedish raiding guild or anything the like right now, but who knows, if the interest is large enough. But for now the idea is just to have a sort of community guild for us to gather when we feel like we wanna do content with other Swedish people.

So if you speak the language and are interested in something like this, hit me up in-game!Ses i Tyria!

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