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Is there a way to use Spirit Shards effectively? If not can we get something?

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I finished my masteries and am now earning spirit shards and it is pretty cool. But I have been looking at the vendor items and then looked up on the wiki. I keep seeing stuff to buy with spirit shards that require so much more money or work on top of it that I don't want to fall into that money pit.

I just want something simple to buy that is useful.

So far I only see the Sprint Boost Banner, but I see banners everywhere for free.

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@Linken.6345 said:

@Etria.3642 said:T6 get the most use for me, because I use them, but there are a few choices. GW2 efficiency can help you decide what to make. If you don't have a copper/silver/rune salvage kit, you can use them to make very good salvage kits.

You sure you dont mix up spirit shards with mystic forge stones here?

You're right, for the kits. Teach me to be forum-scrolling while distracted. I do use both things, but for me:mystic forge stones I am currently trading in for provisioner's tokens, but you can use them to make salvage kits.spirit shards I use to make t6 mats.

Can you tell I'm working on finishing my legendary armor?

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@Khisanth.2948 said:

@Kulvar.1239 said:A lot of unique skin weapon are crafted with things you can buy with spirit shards. You can also promote materials.It can yield dozen of silver coins per spirit shard. That is if you want to do crafting.

The major bottleneck for most of those unique skins is mystic coins

But you can buy mystic coins, not spirit shards

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