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What QoL suggestion/request do you have?


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Personally, the few things that I want are:

  1. One button (or something else) swappable gear sets similar to Diablo 3 and other games. In the case of legendary gear - swap stats (for different builds). Should work for cosmetic skins too. And of course with the gear to change the build if it is different.
  2. Option to ignore unidentified gear from salvage all since magic find works on them and I think it is better to open them 1st.
  3. Since some players play fractals and WvW and because these 2 modes have their own infusions, maybe make double infusion slots and 1 of it to work only in WvW and the other in PvE. If only one slot is occupied it will work in both modes. I can't count how much gold and time I have lost every time I play fractals with agony res infusions and join WvW for some fun where I need to deal more damage or take less dmg from guards/lords/supervisors.
  4. Some graphic/sound options to ignore/replace/lower the skins/sound effects of gliders/legendary gear effects/minis of other players.
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Dunno why they have no QoL sticky on this new forum. The old one had plenty of good ideas.

Anyway, my top requests:

  • Auto-consume for food stacks. Most other MMORPGs have this already.
  • Some way to easily dispose trash such as minor runes.
  • Considering how often they are needed, inventory sorting and material deposit should not be hidden behind a drop-down menu. Move those to their own inventory buttons, or into right-click.
  • Market filter for wardrobe unlocks (and dyes), so we don't have to check the tooltips one by one.
  • Add a QoL sticky for the new forum.
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I happened since the first time i played to learn how to deal with some issues with invisible bags, and then with shared inventory slots and items like copper salvage o-matic i did the rest.

I just have one simple request between the following 2

  1. the possibility to not drop runes from copper fed salvage omatic.
  2. one new "2.0 copper fed salvage o matic" which has 0% to recover upgrades ( if giving the option for the first would be too much work ).

Then i will be totally happy.

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Build templates

Get rid of the chests that appear on the bottom right hand corner... since we accept all items anyway

Get rid of the daily notifications on the top right corner... I have good memory, I don't really need reminders to do fractals... or pvp or wvw...

Options to not receive certain items like bloodstone dust... tired of having to destroy them... cuz i don't need them for anything... option to destroy bloodstone dust without clicking "yes or no".

Tome of knowledge, option to use it without clicking "yes or no"

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