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Suggestion: Minor Order Change in Instanced Story Content

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Now: Story instances don't complete until after all of the emoting is done and/or the end scene is played. Then, the reward is offered, and the player is credited with completing the instance (which is sometimes the end of a chapter).

Instead: Credit the player with completion once the last challenge has been met (usually a boss battle). Then play the end movie or have the NPC's emote all you want. The reward can come either with the credit for completion, after the dialogue or (better) after exiting the instance.

I took a long hiatus from story because -- unlike any other game I've played, GW2 has a penchant for DC's in instanced content. Tonight, I played The Invitation. After the action, there was a short movie scene, and the camera returned to the room where the boss died. There was my character, with the film reel icon indicating I was still watching the movie, even though it had ended. Sure enough, DC.

Of all the times this has happened to me, 90% (maybe more) of the DC's are after the action is over, but before credit is given. The change I am proposing would greatly lessen the frustration that I -- and others -- endure having to redo chapters with no certainty that further DC's won't happen. The game is full of events where credit is given right when the boss dies. Why hold credit hostage to an instance technology that is prone to DC on a significant number of your customers?

To any poster who is going to tell me that the problem is on my end because some don't get DC'd -- thanks for the thought. However, such posts are not helpful. I know not everyone has this problem. I also know from numerous complaints over the years that I am not alone. Unless you have some insight into what I can do to stop this from happening, just telling me that it's my computer or internet -- which has no such problems with any other game or software -- is not adding to the discussion. If you have an issue with the suggestion itself, I'd welcome your thoughts on different options to mitigate the problem which does happen to some players. Thanks in advance for your consideration.

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