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What do you want for third expansion? - [Merged]

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@xenon.3264 said:

@Psientist.6437 said:In the real world, hobby fishing is all about grinding out luck, collecting gear and pretending to be skilled. I don't know where it would fit within the mmo genre. I will give it a try but I know my idea will be terrible.

Where to fish is a real concern for Tyria fishing. Perhaps we can solve why fish and where to fish by making fishing a mounted skill set and we fish to feed our mounts. Our mounts take us to fishing holes based on their skills and diet. We would have to learn how to fish for carrots. Which is where my idea falls apart. Dumb can't be fun.

There are other fishing risks. Fishing leads to fish. Fish are a gateway reward to taxidermy and we all know what taxidermy wants. Taxidermists and Housing!

edit: Consumable effects could provide a social component. They could alter mount animations, add temporary auras, or cause events. Skyscales burp up fireworks. Jackals hiccup phase jump about. Roller beetles have heart burn outs. Skimmers get the dizzies. The effects would encourage fishing to lead to large public displays.

i've been fishing in litterally any other mmo i ve been playing. it's gw2 the exception

I was being facetious or ironic, perhaps both. I would like to fish in Tyria as well.

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i want to explore once again the Echovald Forest.and I'm really scared not to see this legendary location in the trailer. Cantha without the Echovald Forest.or the jade sea has no interest for me. I love shin jea and kaineng but the rivalry between these two lands is the essence of the continent.I know that the empire has annexed the kurzicks and luxons but still, we can do it in a different way
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Class/race/sex changeFishingUnlock elite weaponsPity system for older contentMeaningful craftingUnderwater revamped or polished

Less elitism defending every action leading to decay and more criticism leading to meaningful discussion. Communication cant or rather wont exist when people glorify your every action.

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open world rewards should matter, so legendary gears for open world.underwater content and elite spec for it or air combat.wvw rework, no more mob rule make events on the map so people go on small groups, maybe some npc invasion from multiple places at same time, turning it in a mix of moba like, better rewards that affect pve for who win, more daily focused than weeklyunranked/ranked 5v5 deathmatch on spvp without auto ress with rounds.new tier on fractals with the same difficulty of lvl 100 where you can also farm for legendary

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I'd like new Elite specs, however...

What i really really want is, them making maps with awesome metas thats tied to new legendaries and other good stuff. This way i have a reason for returning and farming. I absolutely loved PoF maps, way more than HoT, but there are just no reason for me to go back to them, unless i want to reroll a char. So repeatable content is number one.

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Elite specsunderwater combat overhaulunderwater weapons usable above watera new racemount improvementsmulti-player mountssome sick meta eventsactual hard AI enemies like in beta HoTa nice storynew legendaries (armor/weapons/whatever)a new WvW map (having 2 alpine borderlands always weirded me out)a reason to go back to the maps after i played them

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  1. More opportunities for social interaction & incentives for co-op in missions, more relaxing activities, lots of clever vistas & jumping puzzles and other rewarding things not pointed out on the map that can only be found by exploring.

  2. Areas where not EVERYTHING is trying to kill you.

  3. I want less trash inventory items to have to sort, and a universal currency instead of every area having its own.

  4. Playable quaggan race with expansive underwater city. Hey, you asked what I wanted :P

  5. Lastly, and this is a big one, I want them to slow the game way the hell down. I want mounts to be restricted and everyone's feet back on the ground. While they're at it, get mounts out of vanilla and HoT please, and create more incentive to be in these older areas, to level alts, to go through it all again and make the journey enjoyable and well-paced as it was originally designed instead of a lightspeed mindless grind devoid of social interaction. Flying your skyscale or griffon from vista to vista, bypassing all the clever little jumping puzzles and environmental detail, not to mention other players (and NEW players who are forced to run on the ground), is not compelling gameplay and should never have happened.

And stop handing out level skip items like it's candy. Why is this even a thing?? So much of the older content is trivialized or abandoned, which goes against the developer's original vision of keeping older content relevant and enjoyable. When you start a new character you should be able to enjoy a compelling, challenging, and well-paced experience from level 1 to 80 regardless of all the rewards you've gotten on your main character. This game is almost starting to turn into WoW retail, sad to say. Why in the world should my new level 1 character be able to fly a skyscale?

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HoT quality meta events, a reasonable (not PoF) aggro range, more soft-trinity, VR support, random deep sea exploration content, an improved graphics engine, a 'show all friendly health bars' option (to be able to effectively heal non-squad), custom m3u playlists by zone, voluntary open-world PvP flagging, improved LFG (and a new player tutorial that explains its use) and more OCD pony / mad lab farms.

For starters ;-)

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Just a couple of things I'd like to see.

  • Revamp starter maps - With the game coming to steam there's going to be a big influx of players and probably a regular stream of newer players trying out the game. The starter maps look very outdated, I think now with steam in mind i' be a good investment to at least redo the assets even with pre exisiting ones from the newer maps.
  • Underwater Maps - Probably very likely with the expansion theme but just saying it anyway since I've always wanted some.
  • Largos Playable Race - Long shot but they're probably the easiest to implement given they share the same bodys as humans just with blue skin so animations and armors wouldn't be an issue aswell the mask they wear could benefit by not having to record new voice acting and just adding a filter to the existing ones.
  • Largos locations - I've always wondered where these guys came from. I'd like to see that explored in the new expansion.
  • Underwater Combat rework - Underwater combat can be clunky, If we're going to spend some time underwater it'd be nice if the whole system got a rework.
  • Homes - Home instances are okay I guess but It'd be nice to actually have a home with decorations, nodes and furniture you can place where you want. Could open up new gem store potential.
  • Character Creation Upgrade - Character creation is a bit dated, It's not bad but it'd be nice for more customization.
  • WvW update - Just like the starter areas the WvW maps are very outdated, the red boardland is fine although a little too big. It'd be nice if they adjusted the size of the red boarderland and completely redid the alpines and eternal battlegrounds.
  • New E-Specs - This is a given but just putting it out there.
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New especcs (and an interesting legend for Revs)

New customization (faces, hairstyles, horns and finally body sliders please)

explorable Cantha slums/undercity

explorable Echovald Forest with Warden

New system similiar to HoT masteries (gliding etc.) and PoF (mounts). System could be housing

Stuff for WvW (new maps, finally Alliances?)

More massive events with massive amounts of players, this is a MMORPG, after all, not a Lobby-Multiplayer RPG ;)

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  • new class: The warden, with that a new weapon: The spear as a landbased weapon.
  • new specs for all classes
  • WvW current maps are enlarged to compensate for the introduction of gliders and mounts
  • Housing
  • New dungeons + rework of the old dungeons to make them relevant again
  • New social hub city, Lion arch to be destroyed permanently becoming a big event zone.
  • New progression system for Pve: Ranks, These ranks give you access to Ascended+ armor. (no stat increase but has an additional buff based on your class and weapon)

Free update: The biggest balancing patch in history. The specs are extremely unbalanced, 90% of the weapons on a class are unpowered or to role focused.Free update: rebalance the stats. Currently, a lot of the content is too easy in the open world.Free update: Vit and toughness rework (vit should include concentration and toughness should increase boon effect (+X% on boons, for example: protection +% up to max 40% instead fo 30%) , critical damage rework, condi vs power rework (both damages should be reduced)

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Most important for me: Think outside the box! New maps, new skins, new raids, even new specializations are nice but expected and therefore boring. I want to be surprised. Some Ideas:

  • Housing. Ok this was mentioned a lot already. You brought a lot of objects for the home instance in the recent years but I still have no emotional connection to it. And you already have a decoration system for the guild hall, so the implementation shouldn't be that hard.
  • GvG. If not, then maybe some sort of fight recap system after each large encounter in WvW which shows some stats like who the top players were etc.
  • Polymock. I mean, it's right there in Rata Sum. It was great in EotN. And you obviously could monetize it with booster packs etc.
  • PvP Announcer voices. This is not really an expansion thing, but a personal wish of mine. I can't stand the (german) announcer voice and voice packs are usually the first thing I pay money for in other games.

DEFINITELY NOT: Higher Max Level, Higher Max Stats, New playable race (it is way too much work for what it brings to the game).RATHER NOT: New mounts: most of the existing ones already have only niche applications since the introduction of skyscale.

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@Jaden.1420 said:

  • Housing. Ok this was mentioned a lot already. You brought a lot of objects for the home instance in the recent years but I still have no emotional connection to it. And you already have a decoration system for the guild hall, so the implementation shouldn't be that hard.

Exactly! The system for player housing is there. I bet it would be also profitable for Arenanet since they would probably put furniture on sale in the Gem store.

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Next on my list:

GvG pvp. I don't PvP in general, but I do remember this from GW1, and it was a format that made that game stand out. It's a PvP mode that I would welcome for what it could bring to the community.

Super Adventure as available year round. Won't ever happen, doesn't meant I don't want to ask for it anyway...

Some armor for light and heavy that has a normal top that ends at or above the belt line and a normal pants or shorts bottom - ie... not a buttflap or skirt or robe.

New base faces for humans that look Canthan - just like we got the new faces that look Elonan.

The one I know will never happen: a new level 1 starting spot in Cantha, as an option... and the ability to have NPCs refer to my character as a Canthan instead of the 'Champion of Tyria'. I'd like that for Elona too... won't ever get it, doesn't mean I won't ask for it anyway...

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Things I would LOVE to see in-game:

  • Fishing, Archaeology & other alternative play options.
  • Personal housing that allows for customization (you know, beyond your 'Home Zone'). I'd like to see the ability to place items that we can collect out in the world from mobs/quests.
  • New hairstyles & faces.
  • Hair Accessory Color Change, OUTSIDE of the Makeover kits (customizable just like Outfits/Armor.
  • More in-game obtainable casual town clothes.

These are probably my biggest ticket items.

Outside of actual things that I want in the game, pertaining more to the client & stability:

  • Built in DX12 support.
  • Server stability.
  • A fix for Error 42.
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My $.02 for what it is worth

Character Customization ~ new faces, Canthan style, new hairstyles like bangs for Asura, long hair for Sylvari and Humans, more choices for ears and hornsalso things like scars and tattoos

Player Owned House ~ with the Guild Hall the means to create it is already there just make it smaller and make it so that it can be decorated and have furniture and nodes and maybe NPCs such as General Store and access to a bank. The entrance to it could be in our Home Instance and/or be able to teleport directly to it from anywhere like we can the Guild Hall.

Smaller Guild Hall ~There are a lot of smaller Guilds that just don't have the membership needed to upgrade and/or maintain the Guild Halls that we currently have, they are simply to large. Also some people prefer a small Guild. It would be nice to have a smaller Guild Hall for those small Guilds. One that they can upgrade, without it taking them forever to do so.

Mounts ~ Passengers on mounts,some of them are certainly large enough, like the Skyscale, so it would be nice, and fun, if we could take a passenger. Also a new mount that goes with the new/old map of Cantha, and that is not as hard to obtain as the Skyscale and Roller Beetle. Making them that hard to obtain just took the fun out of it and made it more like a major chore that some people either couldn't or didn't want to complete.

Dragons are a huge part of Canthan culture so a new Dragon mount would make sense. Also Jade has historical significance so Jade weapons and armor would be appropriate.

I am on the fence about a new race and class. If we were to get a new race then it should be a true Canthan, Asian inspired. As for a new class, do you make it a light, medium or heavy armor class?

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1) Content being testedand and bugs being fixed before release.2) Less grind more variety in content. Instead of having us do the same thing 25 times make us do 3 things 10 times, or 5 things 5 times.3) Elite specs that fill roles classes don't have right now4) Underwater rework5) Don't waste resources on fishing, housing, playable tengu or new weapon types6) A new raid would be nice7) Dungeon rework and new dungeons too(I know it won't happen, don't worry)8) Whatever the gimmick will be, make skins for it available in game and not just on the gem store(Won't happen, I know)9) Exploration and lore like PoF, Meta events like HoT10) A new WvW borderland

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