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Coming back after 4 years, need help with picking a class

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Hello guys, my friends who i played together with over 4 years ago have convinced me to come back for some nostalgia.However, im lost on what class to play...these days.

Back in vanilla game i used to love necro, elementalist and guardian. Got 3 of them to 80 and have a map completion on my necro and remember having a blast on my elementalist, dodging, swapping weapons and doing combos. Guardian...i can't remember why i enjoyed him, but i have 2 for some reason lol. Was also leveling a mesmer which is in 50s.

Now, i got HoT and PoF expansions and i want to level a class i havent played before while i remember how to play the game...while doing it with my buddies(who are also coming back after a long time).

I watched a bunch of videos on elite specs and endgame setups, but that's probably too far to stress about just now.

My unplayed classes are:

-Thief (I never really had a thing for stealth squishies, but daredevil looks kinda fun. Deadeye im not too sure about)

-Warrior (From what i've seen is that, the main reason to roll this class is to be a banner slave, which i don't mind to be honest)

-Engineer (I really like the look of holosmith, BUT im not sure i can stand to play to 80 and then some to unlock the elite spec, it looks clunky as hell and i remember trying engi in 2015 or so, i deleted it for a reason)

-Revenant (my friend is starting as this, but im not really sure how it's gonna work out for me if I pick it. This could be a potential pick if it plays like a lesser necro.

-Ranger (Im not all that into animal companions or merging with them.... However, i hear that the soulbeast spec is good with greatsword. Healer spec is....not really my cup of tea)

The things that i plan to do with my already lvl80s:-Necro will become reaper (most likely, even though i like condition builds). This is probably the class i end up going to once i get back into the swing of things and get a new class to 80.-One of the guardians will become a dedicated firebrand (I really like and understand the playstyle just from watching it)-Other guardian will be a dragonhunter with a greatsword-Elementalist will probably be a weaver-Mesmer will end up going the mirage route

So yeah, i can't decide who I want to play to get back into the game.I will be running around the world with 2 guys, who are mesmer/rev(he is also not decided) and a ranger.

Im NOT interested in PVP.

Thank you for reading this long post and please help me decide what unplayed class i should go for.

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