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Looking for a friend to join me in and help me with Guild Wars 1


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I have never played GW1 before, and at the moment, I have not purchased/downloaded it either.

I would like to complete necessary achievements to purchase a few pieces of Heritage Armor in GW2 ( I will need 8 Hall of Monuments reward points ). I've read a guide outlining things I'll need to do, but I would be more comfortable with having a friend in game that knows what to do.

I'm willing to pay 250g in GW2 as compensation for your time if payment is something you'd like.

Because I'm offering payment I'd like to make a disclaimer that this is not a scam, advertisement, or anything shady. I'd just like to complete the necessary GW1 achievements quickly and I feel that having someone to help me do so would be best. And because I'll be a first timer I'll probably need my hand held, so I feel that offering a reward if you'd like it would be fair.

Anyway, message me here or inbox me if you'd like to help. Judging by the guide, 8 points shouldn't take more than a few hours to gain, but I could be wrong.

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