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[EU] Looking for active guild who wants to teach!


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Used to play this game for some time but never really spend time to learn how to raid etc... Looking for a guild that does a bit of everything but really looking for training in raids/fractals. Currently maining a warrior but also have ranger/elementalist available if necessary to reroll. Thanks in advance


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Hello there, traveller!

Are you new here? Don't get yourself killed all alone out there. Why not join us on our adventures? We just came from the East and we left nobody behind. We are waiting for you to make our new-player-friendly guild just a little bigger. Apply now to get cookies! (Limited stock, gone is gone)

Region and Server

We're located in Europe, but everyone is welcome! Also, you don't have to be in a certain server in order to join us.

Raids, Fractals, Goals?

Since we're new, our priorities would be to get more members, gear up and have fun. Raids is something we do hope to do in the future, just as training for members willing to participate. We're already doing fractals together though! We truly wish to make our guild a welcoming place where everybody can be themselves, and meet new people. It would be greatly appreciated if you join our Discord server (that is, if you're willing to join us) so we can make it easier to keep track of things, and well, have it as a place to chill. ^^


Join our Discord server: https://discord.gg/2muu4DQ

If you don't happen to have Discord, you can send me a mail in the game (Zaukil.5416), or even send a message, here under this post.

Best regards.

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