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Rebalance Daily Tourn Rewards or return to AT for Dailys.


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Problem The length of time required for swiss style Daily AT has increased by an exponential factor for all teams entering into a daily tournament and with many teams disbanding during a tournament it is disproportional to the reward. Previously with round robin daily AT - to earn 5G took around 30 mins (2 matches - generally one win/one loss) [10G/hr] - for every additional match win this increases by 5G for every additional 15 mins or so. This was in-line with other activities in PvE in terms of effort/amount of gold/hour.

Solution 1 The rewards need to be rebalanced for 'swiss style' and the increased time required.

The new swiss style daily requires the whole team to 'not dissolve' for 1 - 1.5 hrs to get any reward - there is a high number of people who disband within this time frame (or logoff) and don't understand how the new style works - the rewards given are a lot less for the increased effort required. 5G (2 matches won/2 lost) - 1.5 hrs: = 3G / hr. The rewards have been devalued for the increased effort and higher proportion of teams that now disband receiving no rewards if someone in the team quits forcing the whole team to not get any reward.I understand that life events can occur, but to expect a full team to dedicate 1.5hrs with not knowing when its safe to take a break, go for a drink and to not know who in your team failed to 'ready' up - is very frustrating.

Solution 2The alternative is to return to round-robin for daily tournaments which provide more accessibility to a larger audience as individuals do not need to dedicate a large block of time to guarantee any reward and not punish an entire team if one person fails to "ready up" - where the rewards were already balanced fairly for the time required.

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Solution 4: pvp players actually do not really need gold, but we don't want to play 5 games in a row to win 2 times against the same guys and loose 2 times against the same guys for actually getting place 9-16

Swiss is maybe better for mat but normal at was way better for dailys and overall, I still want to play ranked and not hop from 1 at to another were is actually hard to get any competition

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