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New Guild Halls Ideas and Dreams

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Ok People lets roll this out put up your ideas for new guild halls

Location: Far Shiverpeaks / Gunnar's HoldBuilding Style : NornTheme : SnowyReason : Gunnar's Hold would make a great guild hall it in gw1 had almost all the features the gw2 guild halls have and it would seem like a waste not to reclaim this from the icebrood.

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Well, since this is a thing, I'm jumping in!

Location: Northern Kryta (south of Drizzlewood Coast).Building style: Human.Theme: forest town/rural manor.Reason: quite simply, immersion. It's a little weird that no guild thus far would have any HQ in Kryta itself, when they could reclaim lost human lands; and since human architecture exists in many lands now occupied by other races, it could fit quite seamlessly into Charr or Asura themes.

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We got mordrem (precipice), exalted (tarir), human/djinn (windswept). So I'm for Asura / Sylvari / Norn / Charr guild hall.

Locations: Cube structure above rata Novus / Left of the Grove / North Snowen drifts / South of Plains of AshfordBuilding style: Asura , Sylvari, Norn, CharrTheme: Canopy forest and asuran ruins / caledon map style and coast beach / Norn homesteads, kodan iceberg, lion's guard outposts / brand, grothmarish landscape, icy mountains in south-westReason: Possibility for guild to have racial themed gh and adding new racial decos.

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