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The Amount of Idle Players...


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Is disgusting. I've been playing this game since launch and 98% of my time has been in PvP. I've taken a long hiatus and came back to this season to do ranked only to be greeted with a player who QQs when we're down 50~100 points and they b*tch and complain and idle. Is it possible to perma ban these players for the entire season if we record it? That'd be great.

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+1 I've seen toxic behavior like this and it's annoying (though has been 1 out of 6 matches so far). Geez, entitled idiots believe that it's their right to win every match and if they don't seem to at first, burn everyone else. Also there are some pips earned for it being close and/or top stats, so really, there's no reason to this.

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The problem is how a pve player thinks.

His goal is not pvp itself but the legendary amulet.

Because only a win is progress for the AP, a lose is basically a waste of time.

It makes more sense for them to loose as quickly as possible so they can toss the coin again.

Its not about getting better at the game but maximizing the number of coin tosses per hour.

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Well, I'm more than happy to waste the time of these idle players that want to lose fast and won't because of me. I'll still play the match the best I can anyways and if I lose, be it. To me, win and lose are both part of the thing, no matter the reward or not.Also, I might just not be completitionist or competitive enough. I'm playing a game, not working another job.

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Getting annoying when they stop to play. Even more annoying when they start to complain in chat. Makes others talk as well. Then I'm no in the mood to play anymore as well.

The bigger problem might be if you get discouraged but still play (not easy to possible to notice) and play at a lower skill than usual (than your rating suggest). Makes the team lose and rating change is calculated based off the stronger skill. I'd really prefer a game (rating system) mode that encourages players to fight until the end even if they loss. Too bad the rading system takes a 500 vs. 50 same as 500 vs. 450. Both are a loss and you get the same rating loss.

If you still fight after the enemy has 100 points advantage then it is because you believe you still can win ... or you play for the fun. Not an easy task. Not every player can do this psychologically. (Even harder to get a team where everyone can do that if you consider some might be there only for the rewards.)

If the team starts acting like it's lost (everony whining) I might start playing as well. If we get roflstomped in combat completelyand it starts getting to 200-300 points advantage for the enemy I might stop as well.

I noticed having a more fun time when I started to ignore 100 ... even 150 points of enemy adavantage. If the team is not complaining in a negative way (contructive strategie advice is okay) ... then it is still fun to play for every 1 point as if your life depends on it. Playing strategically (maybe try avoiding combat ... outsmarting them with map mechanics ... buffs on temple can turn the whole game - my favorite map) .... matches that got turned around have not been that rare for me in the last few weeks when I tried to change my mind a bit.

Remember: How you play defintely has an effect on other players in your team. if they see you fighting they might keep fighting as well. If they see you chatting/complaining/whining they might whine as well.

(That's in fact what my other thread here was about: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/101670/too-much-chatting-isnt-good-makes-you-lose#latest - where other players misunderstood it as me giving up too fast because of a minor insult. I don't care if 1 player insults only me. I if the whole team ignores it and keeps playing then it is still fun. If 2-3 other start chatting then it's lost. Cause no one plays anymore.)

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@"Psycoprophet.8107" said:Well when u have devs like these that think the state of burns,sustain etc are ok and that it's fun for players to see necro's and burn builds like guards spammed every single match it's no surprise. The pvp in this game is gonna fall even faster with this cmc savior dev lmao

You have been here for 1,5 years . Its ok if you like to take a break :P

(...scoll down the history comments - Deceomber-7-2018 is the last .......in the old forums ''https://forum-en.gw2archive.eu/'' which they stop at November 2017, nothing was showns ...but my whinning name shows normaly)

Edit: About the thread : There a a notion 2-3 months ago that they should change rewards to be given only to winners and 0 to loosers .That would promote the ''need''to win and not come afk and STILL get rewards ........So it doesnt work ?Who could guess that : ''loose faster , so we can start a new round/game and have more chances to the next'' mentality is prevelant among Gamers ...Any other system they should implant ?

(First they whine about that Arenanet shouldnt invovate and should use the ''standard'' of the gaming instrustry .Then the intrustry inovate itself and then the community whine about implanting the ''standard things ''' ......Every 1 min of the game it lasts , it gives rewards . Bonus if it last more than 8 min

  • keep the personal Stats (the person with most kill/bases captured) mechanic , that gains more rewards)

You know what ...just bring back the Glory-farm rewards ...its more easier ...screw bad habits .... only tanks staying afk in their base didnt get enought rewards..840glory for zerging/desacping/+winning...just like open World WvWvW , vs 480 winning afk tanks ... or when it was buffed to1500 after the December 2013 with the Grouch christmass present

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