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[EU] Looking for Aus timezone friendly guild to do raid training with.


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Hi,I've recently moved to Australia and I'm looking for a guild that I can do some raid training (and hopefully when I'm good enough, proper raiding) with at times that mean I might actually sleep at night :)

My timezone is UTC+8, so if you think you might be a fit then please let me know!

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Cheers mate! Certainly loving life here!

Yeah, unfortunately I'm in Perth, WA and using an alt account set to NA my ping is about the same. Both are about 340ms - 350ms.

I find the game mostly fine (as long as I'm paying attention and dodging earlier than I would have back in Scotland) for PvE (including a couple raid training I've done already) and WvW. Not really tried PvP, but I can't imagine that going too well :p .

I am tempted to switch over to NA just for finding people in the right timezone, but I have a lot of friends in EU. They don't play that much anymore, but I know they are coming back for cantha. I can't expect them to switch servers for me. So I'm trying to see if maybe there were any guilds that would work in the EU. If not, I'm certainly going to have to give switching to NA some more serious thought.

Cheers again!

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