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Gourmet Training, other crafting unavailable

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I just started the gourmet training on my ranger who has maxed levels in most crafting disciplines. I need some ingots and can craft them normally but I am unable to use any other crafting discipline since starting this achievement. Is this normal or a bug? I don't want to burn my gold to buy these ingots that Einar needs to make better cooking tools.Thanks

Ok, so it seems that it "forced" or added the chef discipline on me when I started the achievement. Years ago, I had purchased something that allowed me to have 3 active disciplines instead of two. This added chef as a 4th discipline which wasn't allowing me to access the other 3 active ones. Once I went to the master tailor and asked to be taught it allowed me to deselect something else, which I chose weaponsmith. I then went to the weapon smithing station and asked to be trained and swapped out tailor. Now, I can use my 3 disciplines that I had loaded prior to this achievement. Seems like a bug, either way.

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