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Skyscale colletion and Wiki problem.

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Hi allI have a problem with my skyscale collection and I also noticed some problems in the wiki guide about this collection.See these printscreen of my doll after completing the Skyscale of Air and see the part of the printscreen about the Save Skyscales archivement that was 13/14.


On the wiki after completing the Skyscale of Air it says this: "After completing this collection you will gain Challenge of the Ancients.png Waiting for Gorrik which will count down until Gorrik sends you the next mail."https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Skyscale/Walkthrough

But in the screenshot of my char that you can see above I don't have this buff and I didn't receive any mail and in the other printscreen I have Save Skyscales on 13/14..I went to the instance where I started the Save Skyscale collection to see if I could speak to the NPC but his symbol is not in the instance. I also went to Dragonfall to see if he was on that map but his symbol is not there either.

I reviewed the things I did one by one on the Wiki page about this collection and I have everything the wiki tells me to do.On the wiki page in the Save skyscale section, the wiki has a lot of things repeated in a mess.And now? How will this problem be solved?thank you

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@"faruscapatinhas.9610" said:Sorry for one fail of me: Neme of this collection is Saving skyscales.I search this in my Hero painel and archivements and see this are done. But my char has not this buff running in he, see print screen in up, and also have not any mail from NPC.

For your information there will also be a text below or above map when you have the blue icon (above weapon bar) with how much time there is left. That text can be found where your normally find information about events or what steps there is to complete an event on the right side of screen, that text have also a small bar on how much time is left, so there is two places to inform you about what is going on (icon by we weapon bar and in text where find events and other type of information). Hover cursor above icon will show how much time is left.

I didn't experience any problem following GW2 Wiki for each step until next phase and Gorrik is normally during that phase to be found at south part where your start Saving Skyscales. After this is finished he moves to where you point out and there you now have to the small Skyscale which grows (must be feed) until it disappears (you get a mail from Gorrik about that) and need to travel all around Tyria and PoF maps. Buy LW 3 Tome and each Portal Scroll to save you some time to go from place to place. You can be those on each PoF map (Tomes are sold from all vendors that sell VM items and each vendor have the local (for that map) Portal Scroll. Use Tome and you add Portal Scroll to it (will be asked when you a new portal scroll that isn't on list when you open Tome). There is also a Portal Scroll to get to Sun's Refugee, so you should be able to get fast to Gorrik.

You can buy on Black Lion Trade post or craft food (you get recipe when this start and an food item) for the Growing Skyscale. I would recommend to buy it, if you don't have a crafter also because even crafting itself would end up around 4-5 Gold. You can put up a buy order for four food items (that is what you feed Skyscale each time - before you have to wait 24 hour to next time). It is easy to search for this food in BLTP as there is very few food items that are named with Skyscale (at least for now).

If you have trouble to target Skyscale during feeding and also make use of Action Camera in setup: Target with reticle looking down on where Skyscale is and then use skill 2 to throw food to Skyscale. You might want to zoom in and out if you have trouble to trigger this (can be tricky and cause an error with no target message on screen). The default skill 1 is for petting Skyscale or you can use attack (LMB).

Use your Hero Panel to track that meta achievement (for each step) and use that eye symbol to mark the main https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Raising_Skyscales - that way you only need open Hero Panel for looking what you have set up in Watch list https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Achievement#Watch_list . If you don't have too many achievement listed to be Watched then you can also directly go from the list on the right side on screen (nearby events) and open Hero Panel directly for that list of step in achievement. Hover with your mouse above that place where you have an active or an open (greyed) out step to get information about what to do or open its next sub section by clicking it and see how far you have collected. Treats and Toys are normally active at the same time when you start this section and Treats are collected all around in the world, the same with Toys (but there is less items to collect then Treats). As for Treats in wiki, those are suggestions and it is possible to get those items as random loot other places like there are a lot of Fanged Iboga at where you get teleported to with Portal Scroll (Domain of Koumani). Just make sure that you don't delete those items by accidents.

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@"faruscapatinhas.9610" said:I found the npc here:https://ibb.co/wc34d0h

Collection saving skyscales are now done. The problem is guide in wiki.... They not tell for go and speak with npc in this instance after complete 13 of 14 steps.

Is this the problem in this guide of wiki: Has a fail in this all of sterpps of saving skyscales.

From the Wiki:

After collecting everythingGorrik:You're back! and the egg appears no worse for wear. I'll return it to the incubator right away.Talk more option tango.png What happens now?

We wait. If we're correct, the egg should be hatching very soon—unless we're not, in which case it won't. Either way, I'll be in touch.Talk collection option.png Love the optimism. Keep me apprised, Gorrik.

Talk end option tango.png Maybe later, Gorrik.

Pretty much tells you that you need to speak to Gorrik, again.

What was the tool-tip for the 14th item?

You are, of course, welcome to add to the article in the Wiki, if you feel it is missing information. The Wiki, is created and maintained by the players, and not ArenaNet.

Good luck.

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@faruscapatinhas.9610 said:Only have 1 in my bag. Need done all or can go instance for only 1?

It doesn't matter how many you have as when a certain achievement (for Skyscale is active) you will only get one item that is special for completing that achievement. The main point here is after all that you give your Skyscale different creatures that represent different places both from Tyria (older maps) and from the newer PoF maps (HoT maps isn't necessary for this part). You can collect all 21 treats and then feed them one by one until all Treats are done or just go there when you need for something else while you nearby for doing events or whatever. The general idea are after all that you feed food items (4 items a day so it will take 3 days) and at same time what you have collected as Treats.

Honestly if you already have done other Skyscale achievment, then you should by now know that each achievement (step) will show up in the right corner as done (around 3-5 second) with a sound. You can click on that thing that show up and then it will get to where that achievement are in Hero Panel (but you need to be fast as it disappear fast). Every item that have been added as a step of achievement work that way at least for Skyscale and have done so for the other mounts.

For Treats there is no time limit or need to purchase anything, just kill the right type of creature and you will get it as a part of random loot. Almost all creatures can be found on Sandswept Island (Karka is not far from northern WP and east where you find several of these) or other PoF maps. This is the most easy part so far in collecting items, just follow some meta events and general events, do some bounty trains and over time you should have all you need.

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I done food and treats of skyscale. Certain steps of one treat for me are not much good but okay.

The problem is with second step of skyscale Toys. this need a event in iron Marches, two events for choose one for right of other event, but the problem is i wait a long time for this and event never started..... start a event a litle for right of waypoint where i go but this not work with collection.

I see in symbol of collection in PoI for left of waypoint where i go this :Complete a event". I go for npc for see and try to buy second item of collection but not working.

Today i waiting 2X 1 hour for any of 2 events start but not any event come for this lol.I read info about events in wiki and not see any pre-event for start this and also not see a CD for events go.

Are info in wiki right? Events have hours for go or no? and also no pre-event for start?Or ArenaNet changed this?

I not understand why need waiting too long time for one stupid event start....... Tomorrow need lost more 100 hours waiting? lol

Sorry for my frustattion guys...

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Events of iron Marches for toy number 2 in iron Marches are really not working. i wait a long time, 1 hour!, here and keep a eye in other waypoint and event not start in any of two waypoints.I reported this for they. See in one of my printscreen have collection symbol in map near to PoI but this say "complete a event",. What can i complet a event if event not start?I people have this collection up why not have a choose for start event? if in Vabbi for start collections of Skyscale in one npc near in one vista and one PoI i have choose for start event here why people have not this choose?

Most of people stop skyscale collection in food and also Toys because they have no money for buy food or mats for buy. if they not play Food also they not play Skyscale Toys, this need buy toy in each of 4 vendor for done this.

I wait for arenaNet fix this problem in events here. have not other choose for do others events for done this funcking?

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i see by wiki where is each pre for start this event. is near of waypoints.But in all day of today not any pre started here. i am working with my char stoped in zone of events and keep a eye in each one of waypoints and not start any pre or events in this zone.this only work with more people but the problem is are not much people for play this.Or ArenaNet develop team change this or this fail.

For next collections where i see need gold of game i not start one.

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