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Celestial Lotus [Hasu] PvE/PvP/WvW

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Looking for a guild? Great!! We're recruiting and we would love for you to join us, we are based out of the Lost Precipice and that is our pride and joy. The construction of our guildhall is fundamental for both promotion of the guild and bonus for us when we are out in the world, we are looking for all kinds of players. PvE your thing? Great then join us for some dungeons, need ascended gear, we'll help you do fractals. How about PvP, you one of those fine ladies and gentlemen that like crackin' names and taken skulls, or is that the other way around? WHO CARES!!! spread some blood for Celestial Lotus and show them we mean business, their's new champions in the mist. What the heck why stop there, let ban together and lay waste to those stinkin' greens and blues. Are you apart of Sanctum of Rall or Tarnish Coast, then suit up and arm the siege weapons, it time to kick some scum out of our lands. We do our best to work together and have fun. OH !! that's right speaking of fun, take part in a little fun project we started, come help us build a stunt track for your roller beetles, you heard me correctly a STUNT TRACK, come help by completely daily time trial and donating track piece so that we can make it crazier and crazier!! Feel free to message/whisper/reply to any question you may have about the guild.P.S this advertisement is sponsored by the lion arch apple lady, come get your tasty apples.

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