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[Suggestion] Barriers and Burst

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Since there seems to be a lot of gripes regarding the "condi meta" (as if having either one be stronger than the other is a good thing), I propose a possible solution. Or at the very least, a decent way to counterplay conditions:

Introduce a new quality to barriers: While a character has a barrier, they cannot be effected by condition damage (CC and other none-damaging effects still impact them and conditions still tick, but they are immune to the condition's raw damage).

I don't think this would be too OP. ATM, barriers do not last that long and don't have a chance to absorb a lot of damage. They often don't provide high numbers of health and they degenerate fairly rapidly. They would provide a very "bursty" immunity to conditions and would not step on resistance's "toes" (as resistance would provide total immunity, instead of this partial immunity). This would also provide a measure of counterplay against condition burst.

If power burst becomes too much of an issue, it could also provide immunity to critical hits while it is active. That would equalize things across the board, rather than just targeting condition damage. Again, they are not active for very long so it would be very limited.

This would also give some purpose to barriers as ATM they are a very underwhelming mechanic and more of a sidebonus for using skills, rather than a central purpose for using them.

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