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Master of Deco w1/w2 request

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This is required to unlock the ability to convert baubles into a furniture coin to donate clouds for SAB guild hall decor. I am not complaining, or demanding, just asking. Can an alternate way to unlock the ach, or obtain the coins be added? I just cannot complete it, and have used guides, and had escorts. I'm just not as able reflex wise as I used to be (just turned 62) and try as I may, all I succeed in doing is being reminded of something I can't do. Tribulation mode is just not possible for me. If my request is not possible for w/e reason I'll understand and move on in game. But I can't be the only one wanting to contribute to the guild decor, but can't due to not being able to complete this? I'm leader of our guild and I feel pretty lousy not being able to contribute. But that is my issue, guild members never complain. They just contribute them as needed.

Okay rambling now. Thank you for your time.

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While it may not directly solve your problem, an alternative to obtain coins would be, while doing daily normal runs of SAB, to reach the easy furniture shops (some of them dont need any tricky jumping at all). To help you do that as seamlessly as possible, you can use Taco which is an overlay that will lay out on your screen the route you have to take to reach those shops.

By getting through them daily, you can easily get a few hundred coins by the end of the festival without ever having to buy any through the vendor !

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I'm frustrated by this achievement too, but I'll tell you a way to get clouds that I've been using for the past few years: As I'm doing my dailies, I hit all of the 'easy' furniture shops along the way and suck up the coins on offer there since they don't cost any baubles. The benefits of this are two-fold. I can work on my dailies, complete zones for chest loot, and also hit the new glitches on the way for a daily chance at the new weapons.

  • World 1, Zone 2 has an easily-accessible shop under the improper water with a nice bundle of furniture coins inside and also an easy shop hidden along the base of the tree stump the end boss/cage is sitting on top of - Here's a map to help show you where.
  • World 1, Zone 3 has a multitude of shops, but the easiest one is reached by bombing the floor of a store tucked into the base of a vertical tree located in the area right before King Toad - dropping through the bombed floor, you'll be able to enter the mouth of a crocodile and collect a nice chunk of coins for relatively little effort - And another map, for good measure.

There are way more shops than this, and difficulty varies from person to person, but this is what I do to get the most done at the same time without spending too much time or effort (since I like to jam a lot of different daily achievements from all over Tyria into my day-to-day gaming). The handfuls of coins add up very quickly, and there's a good chance you'll have a full stack of them before you realize how effective your routine is.

As for turning the coins into clouds, go hang out with Fion in your guild hall and try to line up the sale window so that you can double-click the cloud and single-click the purchase button without having to move your mouse. For some reason, you can still only buy one cloud at a time, but this is my workaround to mousehammer your way past life's obstacles.

Hope that helps.

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I suppose it does add alot of furniture coins to your hall if you really need them. Every bauble bubble is like 10 of them, if you have master of decor anyway.

While I probably wouldn't mind if they did add a (maybe more expensive (idk for 100 baubles? I don't particularly care)) way for buying furniture coins, I did like that I earned my "right" to buy furniture coins with baubles as an extra for finishing the achievement.

Another option is to ask people perhaps selling them. (through letting them donate them)

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