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Apple Music lacks many GW2 soundtracks


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Please O' Please add all music/soundtracks possible to Apple music. Many Soundtracks from the franchise are missing.

I'm very pleased with the Apple Music for months now, except its missing tons of music from GW2 and Guild Wars. They released the official web browser for Apple Music just yesterday and it in general the platform CLEARLY has a future, so please do anything you can do to get those GW1 and GW2 soundtracks to Apple Music. I know it's on Tidal, Tidal is jaw dropping but it's out of my budget.

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Could be a problem. I'm only speculating, I don't know how Apple Music works or what level of rights ANet has to the music, but Jeremy Soule composed the older tracks you are talking about and indications are he did not part ways nicely with ANet, nor does he have any wish to let the music be purchased. So he might be legally barring them from disseminating it to various platforms. Though you mention Tidal, whatever that is, as having the music you want so ... ??? I dunno.

GW2 music from more recent composers is on SoundCloud so you can likely collect it there.

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Bump.I was trying to buy specific tracks on Apple Music and it's missing quite a few.

  • Core game
  • Season 1 (Battle of the Breachmaker typically is missing owo)
  • Super Adventure Box
  • Some raid battles
  • Holiday events

Also no soundtrack from GW1. Back then there was a Battlepack or something that had pretty good sounds, would be great to find them again.

At least Core game / Season 1 are a must. Battle of the Breachmaker is severely underused and I don't think you can even hear Part 3 anywhere in the game to this day (no it doesn't play in the Nightmare fractal).

I know there are on soundcloud, but it's nice to get a album format of them, also helps supporting the game & composers

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