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Can we have 600 range on a bunch of dagger skills?


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I have to be honest here, it's annoying as all get out to have weapon skills with all these different ranges (and not just on Ele either). I know some skills are pboae and unique, but can we give a lil QoL improvement to a bunch of these dagger skills so the attack ranges are 600? I think some consistency would go a long way here, and don't feel it would break anything.

The skills that I could see with 600 range...

Stuff like that...

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Dagger is one of those weapons where you have to find perfect range. Too close and you get pummeled by melee foes that hit harder than you. Too far away and your attacks won't land. It's a skillful dance

I would just advocate for consistent range on AA's. Water is 600, Air 240, Earth 300, Fire 400. It's such back and forth. Melee is already hard enough on a squishy class.

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