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Guild Wars 2 Path of Fire purchase method

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Hey guys!

I have been playing GW2 back in the days when it got released, now I am thinking about coming back.

I have neither one of the two DLCs.

On the site they say that if I redeem a Path of Fire code, I will get Hearth of Thorns, character boost, etc. as well (Standard Edition).

My question is that is this deal only apply if I purchase it on this website or does it apply as well if I purchase the Path of Fire expansion from a shop and redeem the cd key?

Because I have a computer gaming shop nearby in my city, which sells physical and downloadable games as well in their shop. Thats where I got my original game from with physical edition.Thinking about buying the expansion from them as well, because of habit.But, I do not know, that if I get the code to activate, will it contain everything they mention in Standard Edition on GW2.com? So Hearth of Thorns, character boost as well?

Thank you!

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