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Core-A Gaming - Analysis: Playing, Fast and Slow


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I think any game needs a good blend of type 1 low effort and type 2 high effort gameplay. ofc t1 should be low reward cuz its easy to do and get ok results which initially brings people into the game, while t2 is harder and keeps them there cuz that's what people strive for. attrition can be either t1 or t2 if like before the risk vs. reward ratio is balanced. this post probably comes as obvious to most but I felt the need to post it anyway since its an interesting, well done, thought provoking video.

good video thanks for the share.

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The problem with trying to apply "fighting fast vs slow" to GW2 is that most players are punished for being aggressive in GW2. It's far, far too easy to punish aggressive behavior in GW2 by just reactively playing the cooldown game or abusing teleport mechanics. "Super high end play" in GW2 generally amounts to predictable motions on both sides with the victor being determined by mistakes made by the opponent (that is, if the player at a "disadvantage" doesn't just leave the fight). When PvP hinges heavily on automated information dumps (GW2 PvP minimap) and hard-counter match-ups, combat's importance is whittled away from the equation: in GW2, the outcome is the massive emphasis on "good rotations" in almost every PvP match; it's almost better to be able to spam teleports on the ground while glancing at a minimap than actually fighting other players in this game. This sort of paradigm takes combat speed out of the question when it comes to "What is the best way to approach a fight" in GW2. The real questions are generally something along the lines of:

  • Is it a +1 or am I going to have to 1v1? If it's a 1v1, can my build easily beat this opponent?
  • Does that person have cooldowns available?
  • Do they have a node that I can decap for free right now?

This is bordering on the levels of flow-charts, which are generally made to mock low skill levels rather than define the complexity of player options in any given moment; and it's mostly derived from the "balance by cooldown" paradigm established by GW2 during its development when they ditched energy and energy potions. If players had the option to use certain skills multiples times in a row, it would be possible to use them "incorrectly" in ways far beyond just flubbing them against someone who was invulnerable at the time (this is how launch GW2 saw a lot of Heartseeker Thieves quickly labeled as "noobs" and such whereas most other classes were just trying to figure out what they could do with most good cooldowns languishing in the 20-40s territory).

It's important to talk about different game genres, their differences, their similarities, and how they overlap, but GW2's PvP gameplay is so suffocating when it comes to player expression and creativity that it's very difficult to discuss how "good" aspects of other games can apply to GW2 without automatically discussing GW2's COMPLETE OVERHAUL. Now, I'll be the first to argue that GW2's current combat cycle is utterly deserving of a complete scrapping and re-working, but nobody really agrees, and would rather just see this stagnant mess see little baby iterations until the servers shut down. Overall, the situation is very regrettable.

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