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Server Lag - @7pm Server Time [Last 2-3 Days] - lasts for about an hour or so

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Hi All,

Having some serious disconnects at roughly the same time each day, it usually lasts between 10 mins to 1 hr - starting at approx 7pm server time (co-incidently when the PvP Daily Tourney semi-finals/finals are starting) - connection is from the UK ..

Connection : EU [uK] -> NA ServersUsual ping is around 140ping, R ratio = 24.However recently the ping has been between 0 - 3000, with the R Ratio of 3 - 49.

Connection: EU [uK] -> EU ServersUsual ping: 48-60; Currently - 82-300 with R Ratio of 3 - 40.

Note Normally I would have a R ratio of 24 - 25.

What is the R ? (from deltaconnected)"refresh rate". The lower it gets, the 'slower' the combat processing happens on the server, and the more my simulation (especially in WvW) will get out-of-sync. I think I picked 17 for the red text, but your skill input can be dropped/delayed any time it's <25

Ruled out the main ISP connection on this one, as the lines stable (at least within the UK - 56Mbps down/16 Mbps up, < 10ms - with no noticeable packet loss to other services)Is anyone else finding the servers are being a bit more unstable than normal recently?

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