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LFGuild on FA (PvE, semi-casual)

Splat Zone.8319

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Hello! Me and (maybe) four other players are looking for a guild!

About me:

History :I used to be part of another guild on day one called, Upper Echelon. After some changes, I ended up being one of the leaders. After playing this game for a couple of years straight; upon release of Heart of Thorns, I stepped down from the leadership position and stopped playing for a couple of years. I ended up coming back when Path of Fire was released, but stopped playing again soon after. When the announcement of a Cantha expansion was announced, I was all on board! (and I'm sure thousands of other players were too!) Unfortunately; 95% of my previous guild has stopped playing, so it's getting kinda lonely!

Play History :-PvE: I played all classes, but I usually play with my characters that look good (Fashion Wars). When I have a goal to perform (like making legendaries) I go all out and farm hard. When friends needed my help to clear certain quests or dungeons, I would help out right away!

-WvW: I used to join Havoc groups and sometimes zergs. When in groups, I understand my role to play; but sometimes I bring in some troll builds to mess around. I'm also usually strong when it comes to roaming on my thief.

-sPvP: To be honest, I only got my rank to Tiger and that was it... me and a group of other guild mates were part of the first live broadcasted tournament. I just remembered being eliminated, but we were okay about it. We just wanted the Llama mini's. I don't have the drive for sPvP anymore.

What I (we) are looking for :

We're just looking for a fun, active guild on Fort Aspenwood. We're not looking to switch servers. One of the players that is playing with me is a new player. I want him to have a great experience with Guild Wars 2, like the way how we all started playing.

Thank you for reading!

Account: Splat Zone.8319Characters: Toy, Jump Scare Gorilla, Nibelung Luminaire.

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