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Birthday booster cancelled with SAB?

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Hello there,

So I use my main character to do the SAB, and it always has several days of Birthday booster on him (I have like 50 in stock). I noticed that I didn't have any so I use some more boosters (5-6) to have several days of playing with booster. I did my daily in WvW with booster, went to SAB and logged off. The next day I do the exact same thing but I notice I no longer have the booster... So I use again 4-5 of them, and do my daily SAB quests later.I find out today that AGAIN, my booster is no longer there in WvW, so wtf? I had several days and used like 10+ boosters (240h of booster)...

Is that a bug or me just not knowing something there?

Thank you.

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It's not a bug.When you enter the SAB through one of the gates in the cities there is a warning written in red letters that all buffs will be removed once you enter.

This warning seems to have been forgotten for the "Invitation to the Super Adventure Festival" though.

It may or may not be worth to try and contact the support if you lost the buffs because of that oversight.

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@"Tuna Bandit.3786" said:Yeah the invitation removed my boosters, food, utilities and primers without warning.

Quite an expensive "oversight"

Same thing happened to me. And when entering the SAB, I always used the invitation rather than go through the portal. I lost two birthday boosters to this. Massive oversight.

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