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Hello,I'm new and unsure if racials play any important role for any professions in this game for WvW? Like, are they essential for any class builds really, or can you play any race and not bother with the racials/elites? Are there any professions that racial utilities/elites are useful? Like for charr, is the charrzooka useful for an engineer at all? That kinda stuff

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Some of them like Reaper of Grenth or Take Root. No on the Charrzooka because Engineer has Mortar Kit, also pointless because there's a Charrzooka skin for the Engineer's Rifle as well, so you could just wield it all the time.

The thing to understand about the racial skils is they're only useful when a class specifically lacks that functionality. For example, the Human healing skill Prayer to Dwayna is stronger than many other heal skills, but also weaker than others. Its a situational thing that depends on your class and build choice, especially since they aren't affected by any traits.

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