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I didn't realise there was a limit either, I don't think I've ever had more than 5 or 6 favourites.

If I wanted more I think my approach would be to prioritise ones which appear further down the list, because the ones at the top I can click on anyway. So since I normally have dyes sorted by colour I'd favourite blues and purples I'm using and not worry about black and white, or brown because those appear higher up. Of course which colours I'm using depend on the character, so that would be more practical for some.

But it would be nice if you could have more than 8 favourites, even if not many people need that many.

@"Trise.2865" said:Because you will only ever need four dyes at any given time, and because the more dyes you need to "save", the more relatively useful the sorting, searching, and grouping mechanics become.

You can only use 4 dyes per item, but I often find I'm using more than that even if I want a consistent colour scheme across all their armour, because dyes can look very different depending on the material. This is especially noticeable with certain dyes - for example Midnight Ice can darker black than Abyss on some materials and blue/grey like dark denim on others, so you can't just put it on everything and expect them to match. That's often when I'm more likely to use the favourites thing - I can remember the name and position of the 'main' dye but I'm unlikely to remember the other ones I'm matching to it.

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