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Which Profession should I main?


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Hello. I know this is another one of so many threads like this. I'ved read so many of them but I still can't decide on what to main so please help me out choosing.

I have 5 characters in total all in level 80 with a specializationI ueually like to do DPS but I also want to be open for some support role from time to time.I usually do PvE but I also enjoy WvW its just that I don't have the skills yet so I rarely do it. As for PvP I have no record yet of trying it but I want to its just I don't have the skills yet, and I have a hard time practicing because I don't know which class to practice too

  1. Necromancer - This is the class that I like because of it's death theme and how easy it is to dish out damage and do solos. I usually use Reaper but I'm also using scourge sometimes although I don't really understand its mechanics. I like that this class can be viable to wvw especially scourge. But I'm usually playing PvE although I always mind what others think and I've read that necromancers are like easily discriminated on raids because some class can dish out more damage while also giving utilities better than the necro. And also I read that pvp is hard both in 5v5 and some wvw roaming because necros have low mobility escapes and easily susceptible to cc's. I lso like the light outfits and the greatsword skins for this class

  2. Mesmer - I also like this class because of its theme illusion time and chaos. I usually use mirage because it feels cool and I feel it easy to use because of so many dodges I can do while dishing out good damage. I am also open to chronomancer although I tried and its dps rotation feels hard but it's still fine for me I guess, and I dont want to be in the chronojail. I heard that its pretty good in PvP and WvW although in WvW I usually join zergs and I don't know if I will have a role in there.

  3. Elementalist- I also like the theme of this but not compared to necro and mesmer. I use Weaver for this and I'm getting the hang of the rotation although I haven't reached yet the snowcrow DPS and I have a hard time in the mobility like dodging attacks since I focus on what button to play next snd I'm used to have minimal movement because I usually use reaper in fractals. I like weaver not just because it dish out nice damage but because it feels like a battlemage style and its cool switching to 2 elements. I also like the cellofrag playstyle because it's like I have everything under my belt.Although I only hear a little bit of it in pvp and wvw

  4. Ranger - The theme is pretty okay-ish. I Specifically use Soulbeast because I really don't feel the theme of the druid. I like this class because its DPS good and is easy to do although I don't feel the impact of it and it doesn't feel that flashy to me. I also like the medium outfit and the bow skin for this so I usually play bow and GS in the openworld and wvw. But I hear that its pretty good in pvp and decent in roaming wvw although I don't know for zergs.

  5. Guardian - The theme is pretty meh but I like that it can do magic. I have a dragonhunter for this and it's good because I feel easy doing DPS not just single target but also AOE. I heard that this is the class that has metabuild in every mode and it's what I like about this class. What I dislike about this is the heavy armor I'm not a fan of it I don't want to look like somewhat of a warrior but I like that it uses GS. There isn't really anything negative for this class I just feel that the light classes are the one that I can feel the playstyle the most but I'm still open for suggestions

As for revenant snd thief I don't have them yet because I can only have 5 character slots but I'm still open for them it just that I feel thief lacks AOE and flashy effects? And I dont like rifles so DE is no noAs for revenant well its theme is good although I don't really like its playstyle

For warrior I don't really like its theme and playstyle and for engineer I don't like steampunky things.

PS. Yes I know that I can just play all of them depending on the mode that I will play.It's just that I have low money so I want to build one to be my main and I like to have a main to really role play the game and that's what I enjoy.

Thanks for the response and patuence reading this

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Necro would be a good choice for wvw and pvp, as they have very strong roles there, however yes the low mobility can take some getting used to, and the playstyle isnt for everyone. As for pve, im not sure about the current meta, but being skilled at your class is far more important than being a meta build when it comes to dps, and reaper is one of the easier classes to play in pve. Scourge also has a niche support build. You might have trouble finding pug groups though if you dont play the meta.

Mesmer is in a weird spot right now in pvp and wvw. The chrono shatter rework makes the class far less flexible, and the mirage dodge nerf kind of polarized its gameplay, however if you become skilled at the class, you can still make it work. I believe both elite specs have strong dps roles in raids/fractals, and im pretty sure chrono support still is used in raids.

Elementalist (my personal favorite class) has a very active playstyle, which is again kind of polarizing, either you like attunement swapping, or you dont. Weaver is very strong in all gamemodes as a dps, with both power and condi builds. However, it is very squishy having both the lowest health and armor, so you have to become very good at positioning and dodging to survive. For these reasons, most people find elementalist has a much higher skill cap than other classes, and it can take a lot longer to master the playstyle.

Ranger has a lot of meta builds, and can be very effective in every gamemode (aside from zerg wvw). Technically you can be an effective dps in zergs, but it takes quite a bit of knowledge about positioning and fighting, and if you are that skilled you would be better off playing other classes. I personally found ranger to be pretty straight forward, where you generally know what to expect from the class, and whether or not it suits you.

Guardian has very strong roles in all gamemodes, both as dps and support. Dragonhunter has a very simple but effective dps rotation in pve, and firebrand has always been one of the strongest classes in the game. Again I found it pretty straight forwards like ranger, you generally know what the class is all about after trying it, although support roles can take some getting used to, and they play much differently than in most other mmos.

When picking a main, the important things to consider are how it feels to play the class, and what you want to do in the game. If the theme/equipment types really affect your enjoyment, then dont worry too much about the meta. If you want to experience the most amount of content at a high skill level, then maybe follow the meta a bit more.

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