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Mistforged Hero's Spear

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Before posting this, I found that a similar topic was brought up in 2018 in this theme - https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/58877/mistforged-heros-spear

The problem is still there - Mistforged Hero's Spear (ascended) is being sold for Grandmaster Huntsman's Marks. The tooltip of the mark says that it can be used to buy Hunstman made weapons, but as we all know - spears are made by Weaponsmiths. So it's quite obvious that Mistforged Hero's Spear (ascended) should be sold for Grandmaster Weaponsmith's Marks.

I have already submitted the bug via in-game form, so If anyone can do the same - please do.We need ascended underwater weapons, don't we?

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