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Yet another Spellbreaker build


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Here is another Spellbreaker build that I've been SoloQing with. With so many sustain builds in the meta right now it is quite difficult in a majority of Ranked games to try and find an edge with power war vs most other professions. Good players with simply outsustain you and kill you in 1v1s, and if you're tiptoeing around mid-fights you may as well just play power rev and do that while giving boons to your team. So, naturally we start piecing together our own sustain build (that can also help teammates in the process) and we get: http://gw2skills.net/editor/?PKAFwEGaXZBMMmE7iRipzl/7E-z5AXKNmARGC9WAdHBqOA

The main focus of the build is to try and help shift the momentum of fights in your team's favor through support, locking down targets with flurry and cc, and boon ripping to help control damage. Being observant and sinking cd's into targets right alongside your teammates is crucial in getting downs vs good players. This means that you need to have a pulse on when your allies are going to sink damage into a target. FGJ/Flurry/FC/Flurry should be saved for these moments unless you absolutely need to use it to help a teammate live/kite away. Also, be resourceful with how you use Break Enchantments, especially at mid fights. Typically you will want to use it underneath resistance/immob cover so you don't get blinded/have it get dodged.

Some tips:

  • A good portion of the time you will want to cancel-cast Flurry so that you aren't stuck in place and eating a ton of damage. Sometimes the bleed is worth it though, comes down to situation.
  • You can get some gnarly Final Thrust crits <50%.
  • Sword 2 allows you to kite quite nicely on several maps. Use it well!
  • If you are going against power heavy comps, consider using Rune of the Scrapper instead.
  • Try to avoid 1v1s unless you are keeping a point muted and waiting for a teammate to + you. There are better options for 1v1/sidenoding.
  • For Great Justice!
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You're kind of just a less useful support at that point. Warrior doesn't really have a place in this meta. Once some of the problematic classes get nerfed (hopefully) we should shift back into relevance again because warrior isn't terrible atm it's just the nearly unkillable bunkers, condi spam, and stupid base pet damage that makes us unviable.

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