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How to survive Branded Spikes that hits for 6K (several times during a short duration)?

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Too much damage from Fury of the brand - 6K each hit (Branded Spikes) in Thunderhead Peak.

I do not even have time to change mount before I die from all this damage. False Oasis (pulse healing - Mirage) can't keep up to heal up so there is not much to do then just die from this. In other maps it where at least around 1.5K each hit, but even there it was near impossible to change mount without getting kille. According to wiki there should be enough time to get up on mount again when one continue to activate skill, but it seems not to work sometimes at all. Also I get message when I try to use WP from map that I am put in combat even when there is nothing to fight or aggro.

Is there any solution to this? So far I have worked my pretty behind off to get that Skyscale and need to get around this map to collect enough of token to buy that saddle. I have invested a lot of time to get Skyscale after the base mounts where unlocked (Raptor, Jackal, Springer and Skimmer) and went for Skyscale instead of getting those other mounts. This is getting really annoying to die from enviromental damage or forced into combat mode (can not teleport to WP or use any portal scroll to get to safety as those are blocked) even when there is nothing that should trigger it (at least all my illusion are dead, no enemies in sight etc).

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If you get caught in brand spikes (the purple crystal SPIKES on the floor) off your skimmer, it’s basically /gg unless you happen to be near non-spikey ground.

There will be random enemies who like to hang out in these areas (branded in branded spikes, also sand sharks in quicksand, awakened in sulfur). DO NOT ENGAGE OR DIE. Think of it as falling into lava - you can’t get out.

If you’re in the brandstorm, (you get hit by LIGHTNING), there will be a short interval where you will OOC (out of combat), and if you keep mashing the/a mount button, you will eventually be able to mount up (unless some nearby enemy that hit you/you hit is still around). Note that conditions on you will continue to keep you in combat.

Using a skimmer will ignore most environmental effects, especially PoF related ones such as branded spikes, brandstorm (but not Heart of the Brandstorm in Dragonfall), quicksand and sulfurous gas.

The skimmer has the same effect as flying.

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