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name change bundle

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I hate the names of 2 of my old characters. They actually make me uncomfortable for personal reasons.

The name change contract is super expensive though, but could you please make a bundle for them? Maybe 2 of them for 1000? That would make me really happy.


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Shrugs I think up cool roleplay names every now and then, and would probably pay to rename my older (less inspired) characters. As it stands though, I'm far better off buying new (disposable) character slots since they cost the same and double as bankspace / deletable keyfarms.

For some players, names do sometimes have an impact on how much we're invested our characters. This is still a mmoRPG, after all.

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@kharmin.7683 said:From what I understand from previous threads on this topic is that it is quite involved for the devs to change the name. The high price of the contract is to deter frequent name changes.

The OP seems to be talking about character name change. From what I know of that from buying a name change contract and using it is programed in as I have used them myself. It is instant once used and seems to not be dependent on a dev to actually change the name. That is unless there is a dev sitting there waiting as I use the name change contract I purchased which is doubtful. ;)

Perhaps you are thinking of display name change which does require a dev, can't be bought and is only available via strict rules like using full real name, a display name that violates the naming policy, or the bug that gives players the number and letter code name.

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