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[EU][PvE] Returning player [LFG] for raiding, fractals and shenanigans in between!


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Greetings, so after quiet the break i returned to the game, went and checked if the grass was greener in other MMOs, it was not and with Cantha in the far away horizon it was time to get back to Tyria.

I am now looking for a new guild to call home, i care alot about the social aspect of the game so what i'd like to find most is a guild chat the shit with while playing the game, i'm not a fan of huge guilds with hundreds of members, rather see it on the smaller size with a more tight knit feel.

I'm a PvE player through and through, though i step in sPvP and WvW every now and then for some quick laughs. I do T4 fractals daily and used to raid a lot back in wing 1-4. I am a very experienced raider when it comes to other MMOs as well, used to raid pretty hardcore in WoW years ago and also done quiet the bit of Veteran Raiding in ESO. Would be nice to find a guild where i can continue to progress further into raids, though i don't mind if you are on the newer path to raids as long as you take it somewhat serious, i play way more casual these days so as long as you care enough to make decent progress i am all game!

Classes i play these days are Guardian which i can fill whatever role needed, be it DH, HFB, cFB or anything in between, Engineer which i've played a fair bit and my next goal is to gear up a Druid and after that a BS.

On the other side of the screen i'm a 25 year old dude from Sweden, i work full time weekdays and also work alot with music when i'm not at the computer (just released my first album:D).

If you might have a place for me please contact me here on reddit, in-game at fieldburn.2810 or discord at sam#0781.

Thank you and hope to hear from you soon :D

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