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(NA - GoM - PvE) New Player Seeking Guild


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If you are interested I co-run a guild “The Clockwork Knights [CLOK]” that focuses on what you might be looking for.We are chill, so fractals (T4s or trainingT1 and up) and events are ran as such. We also keep things relaxed and try to let people run events that they are interested in - just let me know if you have an idea. Many members have a range of experience, from years as pros (those old salty dogs) to just a few months (love me a new player who just wants to have fun and learn). Sometimes meta farming, PvE fun, running boss trains, PvP ranked, WvW madness, or Strikes and Guild Missions. Also working on Raid teams in the near future. We even have a few build masters that are awesome and helpful.

  • We have a lot of pro players that like to help and support new members. We are Drama Free learning zone.
  • Our Guild Hall (Windswept) is on its way to max with potions and nodes at 100%. WvW Server - NA Ehmry Bay (Medium size - so low wait times) but you don't have to change to it if you don't want to - again - chill.
  • We have a Discord, but you don’t have to have it, but it adds to the fun of playing and socializing with other guildies and weirdos.
  • 100% rep NOT required - you can have up to 5 guilds, so feel free to hang out.If you happen to be interested please message me here, or in game @ GhostOrchid.9682 if you have any questions or would like an invite.
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