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Returning Player Looking for Guild


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Hello Community,

I am a returning player. I usually main a mirage mesmer, although I have 5 other professions. 2 thieves (Yeah, Criticize me), 1 guard, 1 elementalist and 1 necromancer.I used to do a lot of stuff over a year ago before I stop playing and now I am trying to get back into the game.

I feel like I need some motivation to stay and I think that would help if I had people to do stuff with. I am mostly into the PVE content. I have commander tags, because I used to run some hp/mp trains, lead some metas, bounties, etc. But I am not gonna lie that I am a bit rusty so I am probably not doing it for a while. helping people to achieve stuff was always parto fo my fun. If there is any active guild out there, with a lot of stuff to do and a lot of people to play with and would like a new member, just let me know :)I have both expansions and all lws unlocked.


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