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4 bots in my game right now


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@AldKai.9712 said:All mirage mesmer (I'm SURE the class takes skill /s)

So yeah I'm afk ing typing that because half the team are robots. Someone please tell me there is one part of the game still worth playing?


it is the casualties when Toxicity is treated with kindness... those who don't care, who find ways to take advantage of broken designs even more including using bots, are treated with kindness too

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About a week ago I was in a match where I swear I was the only human. Was playing on skyhammer map. Was losing until I realized I could keep everyone corralled in the center fighting while I grabbed points. If someone strayed toward a point, I would aggro them, bring them back center, go invis, and keep points taken or grab the skyhammer, just in case. That was sad, but would be sadder if they had been human.

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