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New player looking for guild. [NA][Tarnished Coast][PvX][RP]


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My guild, Raven's Hollow, sounds nearly perfect for you! I'll give a list of bullet points--feel free to ask any questions if you have them.

  • Our roster is "small", not medium--we're at 19 players right now. We have gone up to 50 in spurts, but we prefer to get to know people by name rather than recruit en masse. We have a very strong core of 5-7 players who are on regularly and like to group up when they're online.
  • We are, by and large, a PvE guild. We do Fractals almost every day (as a guild team we're at about level 50 and climbing), we do dungeons fairly regularly, and we like partying up for open world--world bosses, bounties (a Path of Fire mechanic), meta events, or just roaming. We don't do raids yet, but we're looking at starting somewhat soon.
  • We have a strong background in PvP, but have avoided it like the plague since PoF dropped.
  • We were hugely into WvW at launch (even leading some of the zergs back then) but since the introduction of the Megaserver, we're too split up to really do it together anyways.
  • We have a long and storied background in RP. We don't require all members to RP, but most active members do. The guild itself, Raven's Hollow, has a backstory and origin, and I encourage every member to come up with an in-character reason for joining up (or if their characters choose not to join, what are their motivations?) I used to plan structured RP events, some involving dungeons and some involving world bosses. It was very difficult and very few people showed up (even when the roster was large) so we currently do open-world RP and essentially whatever happens when we meet up.
  • We have several very informed, talented and helpful members of the guild. I particularly love helping people develop unique or non-meta builds that suit them and still pack a punch; and most of us have seen most of what the game has to offer, so we can answer most questions. We also have 2-3 lore junkies to help with any question on that end!
  • We're almost exclusively college students (by chance, not design) so we have scattered schedules. If you don't have a regular schedule or playtime, you'll fit right in.

Like I said, ask me any questions if you need more info! I hope Raven's Hollow is the guild you're looking for--but if not, I wish you the best of luck!--Syreas Ravenheart

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You're also welcome to check out Predatel Volki. We're a friendly, casual guild that'd be happy to have you on.

  • We're a light RP guild; you don't have to be in character all the time, you don't need a master's degree in Tyrian History, and you don't need a 10-page backstory for your character. We have both serious storylines and casual stuff, so whatever you happen to enjoy.

  • We do dungeons, lower-level fractals, leveling, mapping, world bosses, hero point runs, PoF bounties, and other general PvE stuff fairly regularly. We don't really do any organized PvP stuff, but we have a number of folks who enjoy PvP and are usually willing to team up.

  • We're usually more active in the evenings (EST), but we have folks on at varying times all through the day and night.

  • No rep rules, so if you decide you like Raven's Hollow too (and they sound pretty good), you can still come play with us.

If you're interested, we can give some more info, and we'd be happy to have you!

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