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Hall of Monuments: Fellowship


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Hi there,

I am new in Guild Wars 1 and the HoM. I need the wisdom of the veteran players.

I have done the minigame to obtain the Hero armor version of some nigthfall hero's : Dunkoro, Kross and the Máster of Whispers. In theory that should be enough yo add them as statues in the HoM: Fellowship.

But, i can not do It. The game do not ley me do It.

So, is there something that i am doing wrong? How do i add them to the HoM?

Thank you all

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You need to first unlock the Fellowship monument to display Hero's and Pets in the Hall of Monuments.

You need to obtain a Monumental Tapesty to unlock each of the other monuments.You obtian them from doing specific story quests in Eye of the North and can find info on them here.https://wiki.guildwars.com/wiki/Monumental_Tapestry

Once you have the Fellowship monument and have upgraded one of your Heroes with a new set of cosmetic armour you take that Hero into the Eye of the North with you and interact with the Fellowship monument and chose the option display them.

M.O.X is the only Hero if memory serves that can be displayed without an upgraded Armour set.. because he unfortunately doesn't have one.You can also display an Animal companion one too if you have a max level pet in your party.Likewise there are also 3 rare pet monuments as well, the Black Moa, Pheonix and Black Widow Spider.. these require some effort to obtain and I believe must also be max level to display.(Edit! Pets only count for the Player not Heroes so you must be Part Ranger to obtain the 4 pet statues, you can however tame the 3 rare pets and a normal one using Heroes and level them up that way, you'll just have to release them into the menagerie later and unlock them there, then go back and retame them with your half Ranger character)

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